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[Welcome] New Members for September 14, 2013


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Please welcome our newest members…

Pamela Ann Robinson
Chico, CA. USA

I am a beginning jewelry maker trying to learn how to make quality
pieces from mixed metals and lamp work beads. I make my own beads
and want to incorporate them into jewelry that is unique and well
made. I have taken some classes and have some personal resources for
but I have found a huge wealth of on line
from websites and videos. I have been a ceramic artist for 35 years
and have an eclectic taste in artwork. I hope to make jewelry which
reflects that nature and appeals to people with my similar style. I
love anything that is whimsical, kooky and organic.

Mario Villa
Santiago, Chile

I am actually a Naval Architect, university professor, and jeweller
as my hobby. Lately I am trying to turn my hobby in a little family

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