[Welcome] New Members for October 6, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Mani Dharman Kochan

working in gold industry last 25 years and with damas 20 years.

Rahul Bhatia
Victoria, British Columbia. Canada

I believe in the elegance of purity. I don’t believe in the dilution
of precious metals, hence I sell.999 pure silver (fine silver)
chains. Lots of people say that this isn’t possible, well it is, and
I sell them all over the world from my website viejewelry.com

Linnea Nooden
Chelsea, MI. USA

I’m a beginner metalsmith and have been working mostly with copper
so far. I am interested in learning just about everything.

Anita C Moon
Ledbeter, KY. USA

I am a novice jewelry maker. I love copper because of its
appearance, its workability and the fact that it is inexpensive. I
prefer organic form as opposed to more regimented designs. I often
incorporate repurposed and recycled materials into my jewelry.

Robert D Palmer
Ottawa, Ontario. Canada

Manufacturing custom made jewellery in the Ottawa area for 30 yrs.

Liam Powers
Brooklyn, NY. USA

I really like what The Ganoksin Project is doing of the jewelry
community, you guys are great! I was wondering how I could get some
pictures of my work up on the site, or even possible articles
written. I really enjoy seeing all the amazing work you post on FB,
and would love to be a part of it. Please take a look at my website
and let me know if there is anything we can do… Thanks!

Benjamin Wendler
Neenah, WI. USA

I started my faceting in a somewhat odd way. I was a Geology T. A.
(teachers assistant) at a comunity college I attended about 7 years
ago and word quickly spread that I had a knack for geology/gemology.
An older man came into my laboratory and sat down next to where I
was working. I asked the man if I could help him with something as I
clearly knew he was not in any of the classes I was teaching. The
man (Dan Winters) asked me if I would like to learn how to facet
I took a moment to think about what he meant really by
faceting I said well I plan on being at the university
for another 2 years before I transfer to another university to
finish my degrees. I said to Dan how long will it take for you to
train me? He said 2 years and you will be a master at faceting. I
took him up on the offer although he said he would train me as his
apprentice under one condition. Th e condition was to train 2 people
the art of gemstone faceting. I agreed and 2 years later I created
what is known now as Milton Gemstones & Design. I took Dan’s
knowledge and turned it into wisdom and created a business that
covered my expenses while attending college and then some. I now
have mad e a name and brand image for myself and my coworkers in
Wisconsin by being a jewelry restoration, designing, and cutting
business. That being said I went on to finish my degrees and have
created a successful business under the pursuit of my happiness
thanks to Dan Winters and all the people that he lped me get to where
I am today. I am now a licensed seller of Poly-Metric machines and
equipment and on my way to starting classes on faceting at my local
university in Wisconsin. PM me for anything jewelry related. I can
cut stones, refinish stones, goldsmithing, jewelry repair, insurance
apprais als, and custom design jewelry.

I have been blessed with great friends, great mentors, and great
coworkers thus far and I look forward to learning much much more in
this trade.

Thanks all Ben

Helene Louise Daniels
Salinas, CA. USA

I am a jeweler who is emerging from a student to a more organized
and focused maker of jewelry. I belong to the Monterey Bay Metal
Arts Guild in California.