[Welcome] New Members for October 5, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Timothy James Nielsen
Tim Nielsen Designs
Oregon City, Oregon. USA


I have worked as a design jeweler for the past 27 years. I graduated
cum laude from Oregon State University in 1980 with a BFA degree in
applied design concentrating in sculpture & jewelry/metalsmithing. I
completed the 5 month Ray Schow School of Diamond Setting course,
Portland, Oregon in 1990. I also taught the wax carving portion while
attending the school. I worked as a bench jeweler for 7 years before
making the decision to focus almost esclusively on wax design &
modeling for the trade. I currently do contract design work for
jewelry retailers, wholesale manufacturers & boutique custom
jewelers. I will have my portfolio on line pending completion of my
website (timnielsendesigns.com)in the near future. I would love to
hear from other wax carvers about our unique trade and the changing
face of the industry. Hand carved waxes have a certain feel about
them and I am all for supporting our industry & craft.

Colleen Paul-Hus
Fort Lauderdale, Florida. USA

I am a mother of a 10 month old boy who inspired me to take art
classes at a local museum. This is when I came back to jewelry
making. I have been making jewelry since I was in my teens and
recently decided I want to make it a career. Please feel free to
visit my website to see my designs, colleenpaul-hus.com.

Rob Whiskin
Lumby, BC. Canada

I am just starting to learn about lapidary work and the tools, rocks
gems etc. that are needed to create jewelry. I started the jewelry
making journey after taking an early retirement, My first creations
were in wire wrapping cabs and cameo’s. After a short while I
decided to look to a better source of material than the internet and
discovered the Vernon Lapidary and Mineral Club. Time goes on and I
find I am interested in making my own cabs etc. I have been blessed
with finding a friend in the club who has taken it upon himself to
try and teach me a bit of what he has learned. He recomends this site
as a way to learn more, learning more is good so here I am.

Ronald E Watts
Soda Springs, Idaho. USA

I am a Goldsmith and repair technician. My main product is Elk Ivory
Jewelry in rings, earrings, knecklaces and watch band inserts in
both gold or silver or a combination

Vickie Shaffer
out of the box jewelry
Palm coast, FL. USA

I been taking classes for about a year. I love learning about how
the metal moves. Can’t wait to get to know how this site works. I am
new at this. I would really appreciate some advise on a rolling