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Lashae Bowen
Charlotte, USA

I love natural stones. I design with them, and I appreciate their
vibrations and support!

Mary Frisbee Johnson
Waterloo, IA. USA

Currently professor of art at the University of Northern Iowa, Mary
Frisbee Johnson is the author of Visual Workouts: a collection of
artmaking problems. Her work in drawing, metals/jewelry, mixed-media
sculpture, and installation sculpture has been exhibited extensively
in over eighty national and international exhibitions, including
twenty solo exhibitions, and her work is in the collection of the
British Museum.

Ewa Zofia Sleziona
Kungsbacka, Sweden

I’m Ewa - a metalsmith from Sweden.

My work is strongly influenced by my interest in monumental iron
architecture. I look for inspiration among wrought iron gates, old
bridges and cast iron ornaments of buildings and then transform
their industrial designs into wearable pieces of jewellery. I mainly
work in silver which perfectly underlines the character of my work
while colourful gemstones add femininity. To create my pieces, I use
traditional metalsmithing and weaving techniques.

Francie Dempsey
Columbia, SC. USA

Hello, I have been practicing several differnt mediums in jewlery
making. I seem to be drawn to metal working, but still need a lot
more practicing. :). I have sold a few pieces that included bead
designs and wire wrapping. Working with my jewlry making is my
peaceful place :slight_smile:

Ian Buchanan
Numinbah, NSW. Australia

At 73 I am partly retired but never been busier as I have a small
life style farm raising 20 breeding cows, veggies etc, also
supervising the building of a larger family commercial building in
the south of Lao and the occasional volunteer work with Australian
Business Volunteers in different areas of S. E.Asia.

I am a member of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia the
last twenty three years. Jewellery wise I think I fit into the
"craft" description. I started into jewellery and sculpture at age 31
when I left off farming with my father, her being old and pig headed
and I young and the same. Since then I have had a retail outlet and
bench in “The Rocks”, Sydney for some years. For the last 30 years I
have sold through various galleries ar ound Australia.

I still make up my own designs, working in gold, silver and bronze
for small sculpture’s as well as taking commissions.

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