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[Welcome] New Members for October 27, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

Jill Wells
Layers of She
Las Vegas, Nevada. USA

I am creative and have dabbled in art most of my life. I have worked
in the jewelry mfg industry in the past where I set stones and
learned to carve wax for design along with mold making and certain
other aspects of the lost wax casting process. My daughter and I are
now exploring jewelry design together in the smith direction as a
fun hobby and creating simple but interesting pieces of sterling and
gemstone. We are enjoying this very complex but rewarding art form
and are hoping to glean some sage insight from the long timers in
this craft.

Linda Persson
San Diego, California. USA

I am a self taught jeweler hobbyist who is thinking about starting
my own business. I am looking for tips and ideas from Orchid
members. I am also very interested in taking gold or silversmith
classes, but i am having a hard time finding classes in San Diego.

I am looking to connect with like minded individuals and to share

Larry Cartales
Stained Glass Specialties of Oregon
Tigard, OR. USA

Hi Group, I have been a Stained Glass Artist for many years. I began
silversmithing 3 years ago and feel I have progressed well beyond
the novice level. I am looking for more advanced techniques and
projects. I have been collecting tools along the way, and an
interested in some of the most useful things to have in my workshop

Victoria Fezler
Reno, TX. USA

Currently attending TIJT, expecting to be done in Fall 2010. :slight_smile:

Sophia Georgiopoulou
Athens, Greece

I am a literature professor of Classics turned jeweler. I live in
Athens, Greece and work from a small workshop in my house. I work
with 22k and 18k gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones and
pearls. All my pieces are hand fabricated and hand finished. I favor
jewelry techniques used in the eastern Mediterranean basin for
millennia in an effort to reinterpet the timeless and beautiful
forms produced by the rich cultural heritage of this area of the

Audrey Watson
Bainbridge island, WA. USA

I enjoy metal work, glass work, combining the two, focusing on
organic forms.