[Welcome] New Members for October 25, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Barbara L. Pelowski
Barbara Pelowski enamels & patchwork
Franklin, WI. USA


My interest is in color and I work in two areas, making and selling
cloisonne’ enamel jewelry, enameled bowls, and other cloisonne’
objects. I also make hand constructed fabric patchwork boxes with
cloisonne’ latches for the openers. I think these two media are an
unusual combination.

Christine Bossler
Detroit, MI. USA



I am a metalsmith & jeweler living in the city of Detroit, MI. I
have maintained my own studio practice since 2005. My work primarily
consists of large one of a kind pieces and short run productions. I
enjoy learning new techniques and orginizing events.

I am currently searving as the president of the Michigan
Silversmiths Guild and am finishing up a body of work for a design
show in January.

Kristen K Meyer
Lakeland, MN. USA

I am a goldsmith/designer and I am currently working for a jewelry
store. I went to school to design and my long-term goal is to have
my own studio.