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[Welcome] New Members for October 22, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Roxane Ward
Vancouver, Canada

I make my living as a writer, but I’ve been taking silversmithing
classes and making jewelry off and on for 15+ years. I’d been "off"
for a while except for a few kings link chains and beading projects
(I’ve been obsessed with semi-precious stones), when I took a
woodworking class and realized how much I’ve been missing metal. I
moved cities a while back and left my bench (though not my tools),
but found an ancient, crickety bench on Craisglist that’ll do for
now… and here I am.

Christopher Jay Manders
Laskusa Enterprises
San Francisco, CA. USA

I am an inventor, experimenter, writer, artist and generally
creative person. :wink:

Walt Rush
Rush Studio
Manchester, Ca. USA

I am a self taught jeweler of 37 plus years working in gold & Silver
mostly. I live by the ocean in California and like to do pieces with
nature in mind. I creat pieces that remind me of the ocean waves,
driftwood, and the rolling surf.

Elly Louws
Den Haag, Netherlands

I’m making jewellery in my free time. I follow weekly lessons since
1,5 years.