[Welcome] New Members for October 20, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Kelley Elizabeth Kelly
Silvery Ever After
Newington, Connecticut. USA


Hi! My background is in art and music but I didn’t start making
jewelry until after I lost a baby. I needed to focus intently on
something else and, to my surprise, I found it really addictive. I
have been making jewelry for 2 years and selling for 18 months -
mostly wirework to this point but I am starting to get more heavily
into working metal. I would bet I’ll be playing with flame within
another 6 months. The metalsmithing fits me in a way that beading
doesn’t truly. On a personal note, I have 2 living children (ages 6
months and 3 years), a degree in music, grad work in studio art. I
sing professionally for a local church. I’m home with my kids during
the day and I work as a contract administrator at night. There’s
probably a boatload of stuff I’m forgetting… Glad to be here!

Mark Esslinger
Esslinger and Company
Saint Paul, MN. USA

My name is Mark Esslinger and I own Esslinger & Company. We have
been filling the needs of designers, jewelers, watchmakers, and the
jewelry trade for 86 years and have a reputation for being a
dependable source of tools, jewelry, and supplies.

We are an American owned company and have over 85 years of
experience filling the needs of independent retailers across the
United States. We believe that building strong relationships with
our customers through honesty, hard work, and loyalty is the key to
our success. We carry gemstones including, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald
and semiprecious. We are manufacturing jewelry in gold, silver,
gemstone and diamond. We stock tools, CAD systems, and jewelry
supplies, we have a complete line of findings. Our exclusive jewelry
line includes sizes and price points from $3 to $3000.

We want to be a part of your success as your partner in the jewelry
business. Call us on your next need and see what working with a
reliable, honest and educated source and do for your business

Mark Esslinger
Esslinger & Company

Janet Webb
Marion, USA

I mainly work from my home studio. I make jewelry from sterling

Susan G Silvy
Susan Silvy Design
Kansas City, MO. USA


I am a metalsmith, glass bead lampwork artist and also work in
Precious Metal Clay. I was President of the International Society of
Glass Beadmakers from 2002 to 2005. I have had to take a break from
my jewelry business the past three years due to ailing parents and
the necessity for me to take over the management of my fathers
realestate development company. While I have been certified in PMC
for several years I truly only have been experimenting with PMC for
the past year and have been quite pleased with the acceptance of my
new work. As my life settles down, I look forward to returning to
glass beadmaking and integrating glass with metal.

Linda Jereb
By The Sea Jewelry
Sebastian, FL. USA

I am a sea glass jewelry designer working in gold and silver.

Cece Cormier
The Beading Yogini
Las Vegas, USA

Wire wrap makes me tick, as does making beads on a torch. I teach
hatha yoga and work at a cactus nursery.