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Jenn Webb
Handmade Jewelry by Copper Reflections
Mesa, AZ. USA

I am the artisan, designer and owner of www.CopperReflections.com
specializing in handmade jewelry with animal, wildlife, western,
nature and Native American jewelry themes on earrings, bracelets,
necklaces, lockets, rings and many other unique gifts since 1985.

Kathryn Cecelia Whitacre
A2Z Studio
Tacoma, WA. USA


I stumbled upon this site while trying to find out more information
about “mitsuro” wax technique. I come to jewelry via a long and
windy road. In 1969 I made my wedding rings (now stolen) with lost
wax casting. It was lots of fun, but I didn’t have a studio so my
interest in jewelry took a back seat to an 8-5 job to put my husband
through college. (I graduated two years before he did). My major in
college was Industrial Arts (now called technology by my
university). There I studied materials and processes and graphics.
The job I worked while my husband was in school was as a civil
engineering aide. I loved my major and use it daily. I was the elder
daughter of a career AF CMSgt. We lived on Okinawa, which was the
best thing to happen to me. I loved the Ryukuan people. The Japanese
culture has always resonated with me. I do sumi-e (Japanese ink
painting) and love the minimalism of Zen. But then I can contradict
that because I love lots of details and can get carried away in
doing small details. Because of my major we got into rentals, and I
do the maintenance work. I do the electrical, plumbing, painting,
repairs, etc. I also became interested about the time of our first
daughter’s birth in lettering arts and love calligraphy and from it
got into bookbinding and that lead me to ornamentation of
books/cards (ca.1983) and thus back to jewelry. Along the way I
began sandblasting glass (1985) and that lead to fusing(2004); which
lead me to casting glass and wanting to augment my work with my own
metal work: This is rather a verbose intro but, it would be fair to
say that I can be verbose, just ask my husband who wants me to “cut
to the chase” on almost all our conversations. (You’d think after 41
years he’d just let me tell it my way. Wouldn’t ya?) Anyway, I want
t o create findings and augmentations for my glass thus I happened
upon this site… and am grateful that I did.

I love Dhoki Apsos (Tibetan Terriers), travel, creating, and being
with friends. I dislike insincerity, dishonesty, and dogmas. I have
a loving, kind husband and two wonderful adult daughters. My Dhoki
Apso died last year, but we have his companion, a rescued Havanese
named HannaH.

I spent three hours looking at everyone’s “bench” and gasped. I
thought “jewelers are a tidy lot”. I have an area that’s buried
under all manner of not-yet-filed paper in my computer room (where I
work on graphics); my drafting table where I do calligraphy and book
arts hasn’t been totally put away since I moved it from the foot of
the stairs to my old workshop space and put my workshop space in a
corner of the garage so I could make a space under the deck for my
kiln and hot work. You’d all loose you minds if you were to share a
space with me. So I rather wonder if I should post anything, since
I’m not a jeweler, but rather a “loosely wrapped artist” whose life
would be improved with a maid and more time to store away things.

Oh, BTW, I am very pleased to meet you.

Eleanor Phillips
Southern Pines, NC. USA


I am an artist who’s main medium is painting, but I have also worked
with various forms of sculpture over the years, including stone
carving and bronze casting. I have recently become interested in
making fine art jewelry, both in casting and powder metallurgy.

Alexandra Skewes
Boulder, Colorado. USA

For a few years I did beading and in the last two years I started to
learn metalsmithing in Colorado. I work mostly on silver and
sometimes copper. I like to incorporate non-traditional elements
like glass fiber and plastics in my jewelry.

I was born in Chile and I am a geologist who does research
concerning metal deposits in the Andes Mountains of Chile.

Taino Jan
Salem, OR. USA

Silversmithing is my passion. I am between serious hobbyist and
professional. Most of my work is good enough to sell but not all are
art gallery quality. Although I have been silversmithing for years,
I still have much to learn.

Tibor Joseph Stringovits
Edmonton, Alberta

I am new to this and after over 22 years in the Military I decided
on a career change not by choice. I really enjoy making and fixing
jewelry, I find it very relaxing as well as challenging.