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Phat GoldSmith
Rocky Hill, CT. USA

Hi. I am a 20 year dental technician, and dental laboratory owner,
who started making jewelry for myself, friends, girlfriends and
spouses, etc.

Since we use a number of similar tools, and of course the lost wax
casting technique for making teeth, and access to hundreds of alloys
from 99.99 pure Gold, to silver, it seemed to blend well. I found
that I really enjoy making the rings, and such, and have recently
started to pursue the Goldsmith ing/silversmithing on a larger scale.

I am wondering if there is anyone out there, locally of course, who
is willing to take me under their wing, and help me learn. I will
work for free, while I am learning, and help out doing whatever
needs to be done to help you in return. I work with gold, palladium,
and base alloys, I am experi enced in torch casting, waxing, spruing,
and metal finishing, and polishing…(remember, making bridge
frames, gold teeth, or implants is very similar…)

I spent 5 years on R&D for the dental manufacturing industry,
including assisting developing alloys, and the KDF Super CasCom
Vacum/pressure casting machine. I know my way around hand pieces,
high speed turbine hand pieces, and so on… I have set a few
stones, semi to diamonds…

I am really hungry to learn, and willing to pay my dues by

I can not go away to take courses, as I have a family, and a
business that requires me to be available to pick up, complete, and
deliver cases in reasonable time frames.

Samantha A Tomich
Hilo, Hawaii. USA

I am an art student just getting into jewelry via pottery - metal
clay, and I have recently begun to look at the rest of the field,
and find it fascinating.

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