[Welcome] New Members for October 18, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Bill J Roberts
Custom Design Metal Arts
Ocala, FL. USA


My name is Bill Roberts, I live and work in Central Florida. I
own/operate Custom Design Metal Arts in Ocala. I’ve been doing
decorative metalwork for over 20 years. Starting this metalsmithing
journey in 1984 as a jeweler and caster. Producing one of a kind
pieces using the lost wax casting process. With a jewelers eye for
detail, and finding myself drawn to other metals, in 1989 I began my
apprenticeship, with Klahm and Sons, an internationally renown
ornamental metalsmithing firm that specialized in architectural
metalwork, of the highest quality. I was introduced to larger scale
ornament al metalwork. Then the seed was planted that motivated me to
learn the forge and fabrication approach to metalwork.

That experience has allowed me to broaden my artistic horizons to
include not only fine jewelry in gold and sterling but also what I
like to refer to as “house jewelry”. That being Entry gates,
railings, doors, lighting, furniture, sculpture and much more of
mixed metals. Including aluminum, steels (stainless -mild &
damascus), brass, bronze and copper. Of late, the majority of my work
has fallen in the architectural ornamental metal category. I
specialize in hand forged or custom cast, one of a kind and limited
edition designs. I enjoy working with original designs of my own as
well as collaborating with clients.

Bill Roberts, Owner and Operator of Custom Design Metal Arts, with
over 20 years, full time, experience in decorative metalwork offers:
One on One Classes and Workshops. The Shop offers one day, three day
and weekly classes, intensive workshops and demonstrations as well as
private tutoring. All levels welcome. Open year round. Bill is
available to teach workshops and classes at others Schools in the
United States and abroad. I teach many different types of processes.
Everything from jewelry fabrication, lost wax casting, wax design,
forged jewelry in the jewelry field. As well as forged, fabricated,
and/or cast architectural metal work. Just about anything in the
metal arts field. Sculpture, lighting, furniture, gates, railings
etc… And I also teach hot glass work…lamp work. Beads and
small vessels.

“The only thing that I enjoy as much as using these processes…is
teaching them to others.”

Juha Kuusisaari
Designs by Juha
Sutton, MA. USA


Who is Juha?

Born in Finland, I started at an early age with my family store and
have dedicated my work for jewelry making in all aspects. After
owning my own jewelry store for 20 years, I have opened my studio in
Sutton, Massachusetts.

My specialty is to provide experienced craftsmanship to fine
jewelers, designers and private customers for their special jewelry
designs, custom engagement rings and wedding bands.

I can cover all your needs for for designs, stone settings,
difficult repairs, hand engraving and decorative engraving, laser
welding, repairing and restoring antique jewelry and appraisals with
digital photos.

I also offer consulting for repair and design problems you might
have. Internationally recognaized Master Designer & Engraver. With
over 40 years of experience in jewelry making, GIA graduated jeweler
and designer with European craftsmanship, I would be a valuable
resource for you.

Juha Kuusisaari
Goldsmith & Designer

Pamela B Wilson
Artful Otter, LLC
Tega Cay, SC. USA

HI - I started the Artful Otter this year to make and sell enamel
jewelry. I am just starting out and have lots of questions, some may
sound dumb to folks in the business for a while, so I apologize in
advance for asking stupid questions. I just had my first showing at a
locan arts festival and sold a few pieces so I’m hooked.

Noa B Walson
Tienda Noa
Isla Holbox, Mexico


M R Fletcher
Ashland, USA

Former geologist, former ceramic engineer for the US Army, currently
full-time Human Factors engineer for US Army. Silversmithing kept me
in grad school but fell by the wayside for years. Began again with
beading, and have JUST LAST MONTH gotten back into smithing, very
gradually. Bead projects are still easier to pick up and put down
around the requirements of the job, house maintenance, and all those
other intrusive aspects of life.

My jewelry philosophy stems from my geology background: I stick
pretty much to natural materials (OK - the pearls are enhanced, but
they’re NOT mother-of-pearl coatings on glass) and try to emphasize
to customers and those who may see my exhibits that it’s Mother
Nature who is the real artist. Lately I’ve been using seed pods
which have been sent back from Brazil by my daughter. These projects
take a long time because I don’t find it simple to design around
natural forms while maintaining their integrity, but theyre so neat
I can’t resist. Although I must say - people frequently comment that
my beaded pieces are not just more of the same either.

Darlene Sue Troyer
Magdalena Moon
Vandalia, MI. USA

I’ve been making jewelry since I was a little girl starting with pop
bead necklaces in the 60’s,remember those? I use to play with them
for hours. Now I “play” for hours with metal clay making silver
jewelry that sooths my soul and satisfies my creative spirit. I have
been working with metal clay for the last 8 years and teach classes
at a local art center and sell my creations at juried art shows
during the year.

Mitch Simpson
Simpson Jewelers
Provo, UT. USA


I own a small retail store and also do trade work. Been in the
business for about 20 years.

Blanche Costa
Bergenfield, NJ. USA,

I’m an owner of a retail bead shop.

Nicki J Keohohou
Direct Selling Women’s Alliance


I am the CEO and co-founder of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance,
an international association that provides education, tools,
resources and for home-badsed entrepreurs.

We also provide consulting to individuals who either have an existing
direct selling company or are wishing to enter the direct selling