[Welcome] New Members for October 16, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Lucie Dube
Valdor, Quebec. Canada

well i am a jewller now,heheh i took corse in nova scotia and i was
verry lucky having i guy that was a jewller to help me lerning more
things,like casting,how to use all the machine,and now i mooved back
home,in quebec,and met a jewller that had 6month to live,and solde
me his buissnes, but he was to sick to teech me his triks,so now im
on my owne,and im having a hard time,i need to lern more but where i
am thers no corse for this

Kay Allen
North Highlands, California. USA

I have been working with metal for almost 40 years, but without
having a concerted continuous spurt, due to traveling with my late
husband and making a home.

Now, as a widow, I’d like to be a “Grandma Moses” of metals.

Interested in raising and forming {have Presses}, chasing and
repousse [Valentin Yotkov], enameling, and the precious metal clays.

Stephanie Mader
Tolt River Studios
Carnation, WA. USA

Greetings, I’m happy to join all of you. I’ve always been involved in
the arts and have worked in several media. I’ve been a glass artist
since the '80s. But now at almost 60 years of age I am dusting off
my skills and trying to revive the jewelry career of my twenties.
I’m hoping it’s like riding a bicycle, only hotter. I imagine lots of
things have changed - new tools and techniques - and I’m really
looking forward to exploring the field again. Thanks in advance for
all the help and support I know are waiting here. Steph Mader

Anne Levin-Nussbaum
ALN Designs, LLC
New York, NY. USA


I design and make beaded jewelry, which I sell on Etsy and ArtFire.
I am still fairly new to this business. By trade, I am a tax lawyer.
But I love being creative and found that jewelry design is a
fabulous outlet for my talents. My goal is to develop a related
business that will be profitable enough to support me and my two
kids. I’m still working on figuring out how to do that. For now, I’m
testing the waters with online selling in general, and working on
improving my skills in making jewelry and in photographing it.

Tina Gasperson
Temple Terrace, Florida. USA

Im very much a sensory-driven artist. By that, I mean the elements
that go into the final product, and how I interact with those
elements and how they interact with me, are all very important
ingredients. I like to get my hands dirty. I discovered that gold
and silver and copper metals are quite sensuous in the way they
respond to being worked, and I find that very enjoyable. I have
always loved stones, gems, and crystals, and so that love aligns well
with idea of bending and shaping the metal. The fact that what
results is a thing of lasting beauty, is deeply satisfying. Jewelry
making seems to be particularly fulfilling in that way. Maybe its
because we wear our favorite jewelry on our body and keep it close to
us, we lock it up at night, we pass it on to our children. It makes
an impression in a unique way.