[Welcome] New Members for October 15, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Kaleena Martinez
San Antonio, TX. USA

Hi, I’m typing from my mobile so this will be short yet sweet I
suppose. I’m currently working at a convenience store but have a
associates degree in healthcare admin and am also a inactive real
estate agent, but in the last few years since becoming an “empty
nester” have really found my niche in doing or attempting to do many
different projects such as small things like transferring photos onto
wood, carving wood, and lately “trying” to make jewelry. I have 2
sons one of which is a marine, so this really helps keep down the
stress levels plus I REALLY enjoy it! I look forward to learning and
experiencing both past and present the ideas, techniques, etc. and
hopefully it’s not too costly:)

Esther McIntosh
Edinburgh, UK

I am studying Jewellery Design at Edinburgh College of Art. I am
interested in both traditional hand skills and digital technology
within Jewellery.

Frank Bill Dean
Hove, UK

I have spent many years in engineering bench fitting, and machining,
and I have taken up working in silver as a hobby, very much a novice
silversmith, keen to learn more, building up my tools and working on
simple projects to gain confidence.