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Brittany Rene Steinhubl
Calgary, Alberta. Canada


Brittany grew up in a handful of cities across Alberta and
Saskatchewan, Canada. Ms. Steinhubl is pursuing her journey in the
world of art as a jewelry maker. Nurturing this creative passion, she
studies at the Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD). While at ACAD
she explores her artistic character and has fallen in love with the
decorative arts.

Prior to finding her niche in the field of jewelry, Brittany was
involved in other aspects of the fine craft and the performing arts.
She has always been drawing and creating in various materials. Her
experience as a piano player led her into a singing career.
Brittanyes stage presence built both the maturity and confidence to
continue her practice as an artist.

Over the past number of years Steinhubl has exhibited artwork in and
around ACAD. As a working artist she collaborates with institutions
such as the fashion program at Olds College. Her conceptually based
Wearable Art pieces focus on female body image and beauty. These
garments have been featured a t the Art Gallery of Calgaryes,

To foster her career and support her community Brittany works at
ACAD in the J+M program as a monitor overseeing and assisting fellow
students. Steinhubles commitment to the arts and education has led
her to engage with the Student Legislative Counsel and the School of
Craft and Emerging Media at ACAD.

Alix E. Peshette
Rio Linda, CA. USA

Mixed media artist, metals addict and “never met a tool I didn’t

T Ranjith Kumar


I am ranjith a jewellery dealer from india, present now i am in R&Dd
on gold electroforming jewels I 18 karat. I am nee to this forum and
also for the electroforming process so plz help me to get started. I
am expecting yours kind cooperation and help in this regards

Thank you
T Ranjith Kumar

Nicole Dreyfuss
San Francisco, CA. USA

A novice jeweler with the desire to learn as much as possible!

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