[Welcome] New Members for October 14, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Meryl Freedman
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA

I am a clay sculptor/painter and art teacher who has recently fallen
in love with making metal jewelry. I have alot of questions,a few
skills and lofty goals. I am often frustrated because my vision of
what I want to produce,born of years of studying art is years ahead
of my fledgling skills. How eveer I am determined and very excited
about learningabout metalwork. I feel like it is what I have been
looking for my whole life.

Beverley Rippon
Hamilton, Ontario. Canada

I am a sculptor who likes to find new ways to produce an image that
is pleasing to the eye as well as the touch. At the moment that seems
to be in the realm of jewellery…which has a wonderful
treasury of techniques awaiting my exploration.

Samuel G Stewart
Marietta, OH. USA

Hobby jeweler

Susan Sandeno
Ellensburg, USA

As a rank amateur I am interested in learning more about metal
smithing and hope this forum will help me in that pursuit. I know the
archives must be loaded with good stuff so I’m going to be getting
into those too. I started making jewelry years ago, mostly beading,
and lately I’ve been interested in metal clay. Well, metal clay just
means you have to some bench skills if you want to progress in your
work so that’s another reason why I’m here. I’m also getting into
enameling which I love.