[Welcome] New Members for October 14, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Kathleen Robinson Young
BurningBead Studio
Detroit, MI. USA

Bead maker

Andrew Millson
Ottawa, Ontario. Canada

Novice, hobby jeweler

Davida Newman
Dalet design
Windham, ME. USA,


i am a fairly new jewelry artist–mostly self taught–living right
outside portland, maine. i work in sterling silver and have been lead
to this path via many twists and turns on this 47 year road. my
inspiration comes from the nearly limitless meanings behind the
letters of the “aleph -bet”–the hebrew alphabet. i believe the gift
of being able to translate my ideas and life learnings through this
medium, via these letters is truly where i am supposed to be. it’s
always inspiring to me to hear similar stories of artists who have
experienced much of life before finding their own true voice-- i
continue to learn and not be afraid to ask for help. the depth of
experience and willingness to share that i’ve found on the ganoksin
website has been very reassuring.

Rhonda R Newsome
Rhonda Newsome
Yellow Springs, OH. USA

A bit of a newbie-eager to learn!