[Welcome] New Members for October 1, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Iishah Shorey Hyatt
Beaverton, OR. USA

I an E.R. nurse. I have been a nurse for 15 years and an E.R. nurse
for 8 years until we moved to Oregon 2 1/2 years ago. My husband let
me go back to school to do what I’ve always wanted to do. And I am a
mother of two beautiful children, an 19 year old daughter and a 8
month old son (who keeps me on my toes and tired because he doesn’t
sleep all night yet)

I am currently a full-time Metal-smithing student at Oregon College
of Arts & Crafts starting my third year. This year we are making
hollow ware. This semester its 2 bowls and a silver cup and next
semester its a sterling silver teapot. My passion is casting!!! I
LOVE CASTING THE HUMAN FIGURE!! !! I want to learn to successfully
carve and cast everything from the smallest human form ring to life
size bronze castings. My 10 inch tall bronze casts down to my - 1
1/2 bronze castings have been perfect; however ALL of my silver
casts have had horrible porosity. So any tips or ideas on solving
this problems or just making my life easier, I am all ears. I
eventually want to csat in Argentium and of course Gold. I bought
2onces but am afraid to do any thing with it.

I finally just finished building a small studio in my garage. I have
a centriffical and vacumme casting machines. I’m hoping it will
allow me to spend more time at home with my son instead of being at
school for 12 hours a day while my sister watches him. Also, any
tips on balancing home and a p roductive studio life is also

Thank You,
Mrs. Iishah S. Hyatt

Tanya Coelho
Annandale, N.S.W. Australia

I am an ethical jewellery designer based in Australia. My work
reflects my interest in travelling, archaeology, textiles and

The topics I am most concerned with are recycling metals, using safe
work practices and sharing methods.

Marda J Wright
Art The Wright Way
Airdrie, Alberta. Canada

Interested in many areas of metal smith work - jewelry and forging.

Kalera Stratton
The Beadwife
Portland, OR. USA


Hi! I’m a longtime glass bead maker looking to expand my horizons
and learn more about jewelry arts. I’ve been making lampwork beads
for about 16 years I think, and it’s been my sole source of income
for the last six or so. I do some flat-lap work with my beads, as
well as some silver coring and capping, and sometimes I put them on
a ribbon… very simple, and I’m not necessarily looking to make
jewelry myself, but I am very interested in learning about
techniques and aesthetics in jewelry in order to continue feeding my
inspiration for my work. I’m looking forward to participating in

Breda Haugh
Breda haugh jeweller /designer
Dublin, Ireland

i am a jeweller and designer working here in Dublin, Ireland. My work
covers a few areas- incl; commissions,periodic exhibitionwork, small
batch collections for retail outlets, and supplying our National
Museum with jewellery based on their collections for sale in the
musuem retail outlets. i also from time to time do design work for
the industry. i love my Irish heritage in metals including the
jewellery in our Museum, but have a broad appreciation of culture in
general. i recieved some of my jewellery education in London,which
was a great experience, and a lifetime influence.