[Welcome] New Members for November 6, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

James M Oppedisano
Brighton, Victoria. Australia

I am a manufacturing jeweller in Australia

Craig Brown
Santa Fe, New Mexico. USA

I am a working jeweler looking to improve my skills.

Sara L Golden
Phoenicia, NY. USA

I’m a costume jewelry designer and maker diving into fabricating it
all myself.

Adam Evans
Northfield, VT. USA

I’ve taken a few years off while I lacked studio space and am now
getting back into it. Thanks!

Samra Beechler
Lakewood, OH. USA


I became interested in making jewelry a few years ago. It started
out as a way to give personalized gifts to family and friends.
Gradually I desired to learn more about improving my skills through
books, the Internet, blogs and local classes.

Currently, I have two Etsy stores. One is dedicated to metalworking
and stamping. The other involves manipulating vintage silverware
into jewelry pieces. Neither store is “new” in the sense of ideas.
But, I very much enjoy the process of creating and learning. Also, I
am committed to excellent, enduring workmanship.

I hope to continue to increase my knowledge and skills in metal
smithing. I’m looking forward to learning from other more
experienced artisans and sharing my humble skills with others.

Thank you, Samra. :slight_smile:

Linda McLaughlin
Franklin, TN. USA

I have enjoyed reading and learning from Ganoksin for so many years,
that I thought I should finally join in.

Thank you to all the contributors.

Tami C Kegley
San Antonio, TX. USA

I began on my path of creating jewelry in the mid-1980s when I took
my first studio jewelry class at the University of Houston with
Sandy Zilker. I continued my studies with Val Link completing my BFA
in jewelry and metalsmithing in 1989.

Charles Kegley and I collaborated for many years as sculptors and
metalsmiths resulting in a collection of unique pieces that are
represented in public and private collections in the US and abroad.
We traveled extensively, showing our work in juried events and
galleries around the country. For several years we had a gallery in
Boerne, Texas e? Bella Creo e? which featured original works by
contemporary artists working in a variety of media. That gallery
closed in 2009.

My goal at this point is to create custom-designed pieces for the
discerning collector. These one-of-a-kind works are limited, but I
am also available to create small collections for special events.

David Allan Stitt
Vail, AZ. USA

Retired from a career in Information Technology. I now work at a
hobby level in stained and fused glass. Through my glass work, I
became interested in jewelry, and I am now striving to improve my
skills in silversmithing. I was previously a member of Orchid, and
am now returning after a hiatus of several years.

Adama robert Ungar
Woodstock, VT. USA

Hi All, I am a full time bench jeweler in VT with six years at the
bench. Am setting up a home shop to expand my work. I fabricate,
cast, set and experiment…