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[Welcome] New Members for November 6, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Frances Elizabeth Lindsay
Carmel, CA. USA

Always an artist, have been painting and assembling “found” art for
years while I raised my children working as a nurse. Now retired due
to a disability, I am making sea glass jewelry and would love to
learn more about metal manipulation and jewelry making in general.
As I have a very limited income, I am hoping to supplement it with
jewelry sales, although I tend to collect my tools, etc by stumbling
upon them at yard sales and such, due to budget constraints. But a
job where I HAVE to walk on the beach, and make beautiful things?
Can’t beat that!

Megha Agrawal
Pune, India

I am a jewelry designer and just love being around diamonds and
designing jewelry. I like to read, learn and share about
diamonds and jewelry.

Mel Brown
The haunted doll
Croxton Green, UK

I am passionate about jewellery and I always have been! Metals and
gems make me come alive. I live in rural Cheshire in the UK with my
partner, my twin baby boys aged ten months and their 2 year old
brother. Time is precious and I have so many ideas and so little
time. I need to take shortcuts and learn the wisdom of those that
have trodden before me hence this forum. I work with metal clay in
the main and I combine this with beadwork, recently I have been
drawn to the use of natural gems.

Nancy Belcher
Hemet, CA. USA

Hi, I am new to jewelry making and I am doing it mostly as a hobby
at this time.