[Welcome] New Members for November 5, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Andre Zverev
Vancouver, Canada


My name is Andre Zverev and I am currently the sales director for a
milling machine manufacturer: NSCNC. The company has recently opened
its doors to the North American market, and I would like to
introduce myself, and the company to Ganoskin and the jewelry
community. I look forward in getting involved in the forum and help
others in any way I can. Sincerely, Andre Zverev

Zhongming Sun
Wuhan, China

I’m a teacher working on jewelry design and technology area. I hope
can learn and share all the experiences of you and me.

Andree Chenier
Ottawa, Canada

I’ve been working in clay in small formats for many years, which has
lead me to working with precious metal clay which has lead me to
working in sterling silver. I’m just starting out and your site has
tons of useful

Jilliene Isaacs
Jilliene Designs
San Jose, CA. USA

I am a professional crafter that has decided to take my profession to
the next level by earning a second degree (BFA) from the Academy of
Art (SF) specializing in metal arts. My company, Jilliene Designs
offers a variety of creative services. I restore and sell Vintage
jewelry on my Etsy shops (www.jillienedesigns.etsy.com and
www.jillienesvintageshop.etsy.com) where I also sell my own jewelry
creations. In addition I provide coaching and business training to
other artists and assist them in setting up their own Etsy shops. But
75% of my revenue comes from creating scrapbooks, archiving and
digitizing photos, and creating memory canvases for my clients.
someday I hope to move away from that area and focus completely on my
jewelry designs.

I am also a mother of two, married to a wonderful man and an active
member of my community.