[Welcome] New Members for November 4, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Shelley Costantino
Boynton beach, FL. USA

I am rather new to jewelry making and design, just 3 years. I love
creating with my hands. When the muse is available, it is all
creating and going places and doing things I have not tried before.

Lyn Stoll
Lubbock, TX. USA


Graduated with Metalsmithing degree in 2004. Enjoy designing exotic
flora, leaves, and abstract design jewelry. Working in my son’s room
while he’s at school gives me the joy of puzzling out creative ways
to use cold connections. Still have a day job so I mostly enter
local shows 2-3 times a year. Ready for a new challenge but since
we’re off the beaten path we don’t get many guest teachers here.

Paul Benjamin Richter
PBR Designs
Ottawa, Canada

I’m a jewellery designer, goldsmith and setter. I started in the
trade in 1993 in South Africa. I have worked in Pretoria- South
Africa, London- UK, and Ottawa- Canada. I have an affinity to
platinum, but my staple metals are 10, 14 and 19K gold. I design
using Rhino and Gemvision Matrix. I use a Roland MDX40 CNC machine
for cutting my waxes. I still create the majority of my work by hand
so as not to become totally reliant on technology and lose the edge
and skill I have developed over the years in forging jewellery by