[Welcome] New Members for November 31, 2013

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Please welcome our newest members…

Austin Mifsud
Kalamazoo, Michigan. USA

I am a craftsman of many trades working full time as a bench jeweler
at a high end jewelry shop. In my fre time I like to play in my shop
at home. I make everything from knives, to small steam engines.

Emily Marie Bennett
Charlottesville, Virginia. USA

I never intended to become a jewelry designer; I started making
jewelry for myself as a hobby and through an interesting sequence of
events, here I am…

Since childhood, I’ve been in love with jewelry; I found the rich,
warm glow of gold intoxicating and took comfort in the feel of the
cool metal against my skin. One day, on a whim I bought some wire, a
few Swarovski crystals and a set of tools and started making basic
chains. Everything about it came very naturally, my pliers easily
became extensions of my hands and coaxing the metal into alluring
shapes was easier than I expected.

One day, a Charlottesville, Virginia boutique owner took notice of a
necklace that I was wearing and asked me where I got it. I told her
that it was one of my creations and she placed an order on the spot.
After that first sale I was hooked, I decided to make jewelry my
career that day and I haven’t put down my tools since.

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