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[Welcome] New Members for November 30, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Marieme Sane
Amarela Jewels
Los Angeles, USA

Amarela Jewels is a jewelry company specializing in unique handmade
jewelry designs, using natural stones and high quality metals in the
crafting process. Amarela is striving to become one of the finest
quality industy leader in high end design jewelry by being committed
to original designs with a focus in constant innovation and cutting
edge designs enriched with global perspective and exposure.

Judith Emery
Des Allemands, Louisiana. USA

My background is in sculpture however, In the New Orleans area, I am
known as the headpiece lady, as I usually have a rather large object
precariously atop my head. Materials are always recycled from found
objects, even my Mardi Gras costume starts its life in the thrift
shop. I will be studying jewelry making at a college in the city
this spring and look forward to learning new techniques for my 3D
work. By the way, Calder is my hero!

Kenji Von Achen
Kenem Bijoux
Paris, France

My name is Kenji, and I’ll preface by saying that my journey into
the world of jewelry designing was in no way predestined for me.
Although I worked for many years as an interior designer as well as
a fashion consultant, and I’ve always been attracted to the arts,
it’s only by chance that I started dabbling with jewelry designing as
a hobby. One thing has led to another and jewelry designing has now
become a full-time occupation for me. My most recent awards are
being selected and rewarded by Swarovski in the framework of the 1st
Online Community Design Award 2008, for which I was awarded the 3rd
place award, and my selection as a finalist in the contest Swarovski
Vintage Design 2007. My work, the bracelet “Caterpillar”, was chosen
by Swarovski as one of the 15 best designs of the competition.

As I said, I’ve always been drawn to the art world and all that is
aesthetic, and I believe this stems in part from my Japanese
heritage. I can remember as a child the peaceful harmony that I felt
from watching my Grandmother arrange her Ikebana flower
arrangements. Well, I now strive to re-create that same harmony in my
present day works, whether it be in the materials I use or the
associated color combinations. Nature plays a big part in my
personal equilibrium and this carries over to my jewelry designs, be
it in the chosen materials such as gemstones and cultured pearls or
once again in the associated color combinations.

My natural attraction to all that is handcrafted is reflected in my
choice of materials such as the intricate designs of the Thai Karen
Hill Tribe and Balinese hand-crafted silver, the lampwork beads
created by skillful artists and the finely cut gemstone beads. I
couldn’t be more honored than to be assocaited with these skilled

William E Carlie
Night Heron Studios
Winter Park, FL. USA

I apprenticed for 3 years with a master jeweler in the 1970s and did
a little professional work fabricating for a local store after the
end my apprenticeship. This work helped me pay for a degree in
natural science which developed into a career in wetlands ecology
and environmental regulation.

During this time I had retained all my tools and occasionally
returned to the bench to build Christmas and anniversary presents
and such. About three years ago I decided to return to the bench to
develop a business for enjoyment and supplemental income as I work
toward retirement from the environmental field.

After building inventory and developing skills at imaging the work,
I have managed to have a series of reasonably successful outings at
outdoor art festivals. Most of my work is in colored stones and
sterling sometimes with copper elements with some higher end product
incorporating 14K elements or being entirely composed of 14K.

I am working to expand my range as an artist and refine the business
model to increase sales and production efficiency.

Wendy C. Tomey
Wynnewood, PA. USA

I am absolutely a beginner in jewelry making. I am joining to learn
and will do a lot of “listening.”