[Welcome] New Members for November 3, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Alexis Pierre-Louis
Seattle, WA. USA

Hi, I’m Alexis. I’m a recent graduate from a graduate program in
interdisciplinary art, and I’m an emerging jewelry artist. Somewhere
on Ganoskin, there was a conversation about the value of a
university degree. Someone said something to the effect that they
believe that a university degree is the beginning of your journey,
not a means to and ends. I believe that too. I read Metalsmith,
Ornament, and Art Jewelry voraciously, and I constantly do research
on jewelry and adornment. I love that jewelry can be approached as
art, craft, or design, and I’m interested in becoming a member of
this community of jewelers.

Connie Fox
San Diego, CA. USA


Connie Fox has been making metal jewelry for the last 13 years and
she has been teaching since 2001. Her classes focus on large scale
wire work, cold connections, metal fabrication, jewelry design, and
enameling. She is an adjunct professor with San Diego Community
College Continuing Education and teaches Beginning Fabrication
Skills. Connie is the author of numerous jewelry making articles and
is a contributing editor to Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine.

Jennie Allida Dickenson
Elko, NV. USA

I am 21 years old.I have been molding metal to my will for 7 years.
I have recently started making custom wedding bands and engagement
rings. I taught myself how to make mokume gane. I have my own little
bare bones studio.

Meryl Freedman
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA

I am a sculptor/painter/art teacher by formal education. I have been
particularly involved in the exploration of the human figure rather
than the medium for most of my years as a working artist until I
took a polymer clay workshop.I knew I had found my calling, not the
clay so much as the smaller scale sculptural possibilities,I took a
metals class that focused on basic silversmithing skills and never
looked back. I have turned my living room into a jewelry
workspace,bench,torch,rolling mill and drill press have replaced
tables,sofas and chairs.I am struggling to learn pretty much on my
own as my choices were usually between spending money on a tool or a
class and I picked the tool.I would love to communicate with people
in the field about technical questions.Right now my dilemmas are
about what tools I need.

Johanne Ratte
Les joanneries
Frelighsburg, Quebec

I started very young with over enamel on copper, who have
subsequently helped pay for my studies in Fines Arts at the
University of Laval Quebec. I have always had a passion for jewelry,
because I 'I had a godmother who was a good collection.Moving to
Montreal, sewing has always been a hobby, I started teaching fashion
design at Lasalle College in Montreal. To improve myself I did my
Master of Arts Education on clothing inspired by painting. So I
subsequently taught at UQAM and at the same time I gave the evening
train decorative faux finishes. I think all this led me to jewelry
quietly, especially after a few visits to the workshop of Myriam
Bardoul to Sutton. So I decided to take courses to jewelry school of
Montreal in 2008 and since I am quite passionate!

Saahil Patel
Mumbai, India

I am an independent jewellery manufacturer and supplier. I also
trade in diamonds of all sizes. I work directly with selected site
holders for loose diamonds and custom jewellery.

Julie A Kraw
Alchemy Designs
Omaha, Nebraska. USA

My favorite things to dabble in at this time are lost wax casting,
enameling and anodizing. Im always interesting in learning new
techniques and ideas. I would say that my designs are very organic
and I do quite a few freeform designs.

Sandra Bachulis
Sunriver, Oregon. USA

I am in my mid 30’s, retired due to a disabilty, but learning
silversmithing and falling in love with it. I am going to be moving
into a new home here in about a month, and I really could use some
advice. I would like to set up one of my rooms to be my workshop and
I need to know the minimum reuirements for ventilation and air flow,
etc. I will be using a natural gas system in a room around 20’ x 15’.
Thanks! Sandra B

David Farris
Costa Mesa, USA

I am a jewelry artist and getting back to work after a few years
break. I studied jewelry design at Cal State Long Beach and I am
also a certified gemologist (GIA). I will be updating my website
very soon.