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[Welcome] New Members for November 29, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

Robert James Moore
Vista, Ca. USA

At 62 I manage a 7-11 in Southern California. I just started making
jewelry a few months ago. Most of my pieces have been for my wife
and her/our friends. Mostly basic rings and bezel set abalone shell
that I cut, but also some opal and ruby cabs. I like working in
silver and hope to learn more about this hobby.

Angus Kennedy
Long Beach, CA. USA

I am a writer and ghost writer doing some books about jewelry and
some fiction.

I help people get their books written and published and am a jewelry
agent, always looking for amazing collectibles.

Warm Regards,
Angus Kennedy

Francine Billotti
Las Vegas, NV. USA

Began making jewelry about 13 years ago as a hobby. Fell in love
with a seed bead, Rudraksha, which is used by yogis to repeat
mantra/japa. I incorporated this bead (at least one) into each piece
made, earrings, braclets, malas, necklaces etc.

Taught a brief Enrichment Program to 11 & l2 year olds which I
loved, as did most of the class.

Won a Jackpot grant in 2008 from the Nevada Arts Council to help
finance learning about Metal Clay. Taken a few classes to date, but
still have much to learn about this medium. Given time and money I
would dedicate myself to doing just that… As of now, I work a
full-time retail job…which my aging body finds exhausting.

Now, I look for inspiration, which I seem to lack. Perhaps it’s just
tiredness and lack of space (I’d like to leave the work out)
preventing me from practicing?

Ann E Huntington
Barefoot Pony
Springfield, OR. USA

My business is called Barefoot Pony. I work from my home studio and
sell to the handcrafted marketplace, online at etsy and at local
craft fairs. My greatest strength at this point is cold forged
wirework. I am seeking to increase my skills in metal smithing and
fabrication techniques.

Tracy L Arrington
Sea Grass Boutique
Altamonte Springs, FL. USA

I am still in the early stages of working with metal and am
interested in soaking up everything I possibly can. I am an avid
reader and find myself researching this profession constantly on the
web. I am striving to make this my full-time career. I love working
with sterling, gemstones and artisan lampwork beads and hope to one
day be able to work in 18K gold. The technique of fold-forming and
the possibilities of unusual connections are of particular interest
to me. I look forward to interacting with everyone and thank you in
advance for all I will learn from such a talented group of artists.

Anita Curtis
Eastwood, Essex. UK

Returning Subscriber hoping to contribute more after a period away
travelling but now back in my workshop.

Marta WilliamsEvinson
Altea, Spain

I and my partner have been silver/goldsmiths for 30 years and we
operate in Spain exhibiting our work in 2 or 3 crafts shows per
year.We are both originally from Massachusetts but have resided in
Spain (28 years in Barcelona and 3 years in Altea) for most of our
adult lives. After graduating from university, we began to roam the
planet and rejected the route open to us to teach in "American"
schools abroad. We wanted to be self employed and the idea of
producing hand made goods was an attractive one. Our many years as
serious students and avid consumers of all types of books made us
suitable for an autodidactic method to learning jewelry making
techniques. However, after all these years of creating and
producing, I find myself frustrated at a lack of which
hampers my development. Finding Ganoksin a relatively short time ago
has been revelatory. I am very appreciative of the services you
provide, Thank you, Marta Williams P.S. Our professional name is Max
i Evins. I would also be happy to share any techniques I (we) have
discovered or developped over all these years as contemporary

Alecia K Fish
Selah, WA. USA

I am a metalsmith student in my 3rd yr of study. Odly, the more I
learn and the more skill I gain, the more I realize how much more
there is to learn.