[Welcome] New Members for November 28, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Leslie Rich
Island Park, NY. USA

I am a newbie to the jewelry making world, having begun beading as a
hobby in June 2009. I am a librarian full-time, so the time I can
devote to jewelry is, unfortunately, limited. I have created a site
on Etsy.com called Gizmo’s Treasures

While making earrings and bracelets I have found that I really love
working with wire, and this is the area that I am beginning to
explore now.

I am in awe of the creativity and knowledge that I have seen on the
Ganoksin website, and plan on spending a lot of time on Ganoksin
learning all I can.

MqryPaul Lewis
Palos Hills, USA

I have found metals call me and there is so much learn. I love to

Melody Kean
Kent, OH. USA

I am a beginner…

Saunier Merard-Cauillaudin
villefranche, France


Servicing the High fashion and quality brands in the world with our
engineered polishing pastes (Luxor Line-registered name) & designed
puffs, dics, abrasive strips. France, Swiss, Southern Europe, North
Africa, Extreme & middle East. Try!

Jay Feichtinger
Apple valley, MN. USA

I started as a repair bench jeweler in 1977. I opened my own store in
1988 and focus on service repairs and custom manufacturing/design. I
am also a graduate of the University of Minnesota.