[Welcome] New Members for November 28, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

David Golden
Red Ruin
Silver Spring, MD. USA

I’m COMPLETELY new to the jewelry industry, I have been working on
starting my own brand now for 2 months. I am currently based in a
suburb of Washington DC, and plan to launch my first collection in
quarter 1 2009.

My aesthetic could be described as edgy or dark, but I’m not sure
how to completely describe it, except it’s what I like, and what I
can do best. I’m sure it will mostly interest a niche market, but
I’ve yet to find the best way to reach this market.

I have a few items for sale before the launch at low prices, and
most of my current designs and item photos can be seen on the
brand’s MySpace page at Red Ruin (redruin) on Myspace

Sally Sue Wooten
Sunny Bead Jewelry
Coral Springs, FL. USA


I fell in love with jewelry and everything “sparkly” as a young
adult. Later on, a magazine and a visit to a bead shop revealed the
beauty of beads and the sparkle of bringing about my
decision to learn to bead. I am captivated by coils of wire and
sheets of metal and always thrilled to work with new stones, and I
aim to create beauty that feeds the soul. I am passionate about my
art, and I have trouble selling things that I make because I fall in
love with each piece. My motto: “Jewelry makes your life sparkle!”