[Welcome] New Members for November 24, 2012

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Ashley T Maury
Anchorage, Alaska. USA


I am a jeweler working in Alaska. I mostly work with silver, copper
and brass. I am currently shifting form Sterling Silver to Argentium

Jennifer Christine Whitmore
Onslow, WA. Australia

I am a jeweller/ gemmologist that is just starting up again as I
having no -where to work for several years after finishing uni and
moving towns. I worked using componates I had made ready, but after a
year or so run out. I then used plumbers benches, worked out of
welders shed but it become too hard, so settled to just do
assembling with gemstones.I work mainly in fine gold or silver, and
use cold joints, hammering to make things.I also have a range I get
regular trade jewellers to work on. I love the fact that when Im
hammering out a piece of gold im doing the same as a guy did a
thousand years ago did. Lovely.I love my materials I work with and
all the jewels.