[Welcome] New Members for November 23, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Sandy MacFarlane
Studio Jeweller
Indian River, ON. Canada

Many years ago, I started making jewellery by taking an evening
course while living in the Netherlands. I was fascinated by the
ingenuity of European designs and the amazing quality of
craftsmanship. What was once a hobby, has grown into a full blown
passion, and I love to explore and learn more about
jewellery-making. I’ll always be a student, learning and practicing
new techniques, and I’m now teaching jewellery lessons at a local
art school. I thoroughly enjoy working in a studio environment, and
especially sharing with others.

Gabriel M
Uribe Dewelry Design

I’m a bench Jeweler, I’m specialize in cutting names and plates,
been in this business for more than 10 years working for someone
else and just staring on my own 2 years ago

Jim Kinney
Jim Kinney Jeweler
Angola, IN. USA,


38 years of repair, manufacture and design of fine jewelery. Master
Graduate Gemologist. Loves God, humanity and beauty.

Ming Tuan
Harbor City, CA. USA

I’ve been making jewelry for the past 3 years, mostly wire wrapping.
About a year ago I discovered PMC as I wanted to design and make my
own charms. I love PMC and am now looking to learn about
metalsmithing (I guess I started backwards…)