[Welcome] New Members for November 15, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Kate Clark
Beadelicious Wearable Art
Summerside, Canada

I am a lampworker and a training silversmith. I have been making
glass beads for 6 years and have taken many courses on
silversmithing and still learning.

Evelyn Eveechi
Lagos, Nigeria


my name is Evelyn, I have been making jewelries for 4 years. I
joined this forum in order to learn and rub minds with the best in
the industry. Thank you

Finola Helen Prescott
Bank Hall, St. Michael. Barbados


Hello everyone, been off Orchid for a while but am coming back now.
I’ve finally managed to get my jewelry off and running, well, perhaps
just walking :slight_smile: I’ve been making press-moulded and handformed
porcelain pieces and painting and sculpting onto them with fine
silver clay. Now I’m aiming to progress to inclusion of sheet silver
work and to work with the local (St. Lucian) jaspers and chalcedonies
that I’ve been collecting for a while. As before, I look forward to
the wealth of knowledge and frank help that is given on Orchid - good
to be back. A few of my porcelain - silver pieces can be seen here:

Sherry A Easton
Dallas, TX. USA

I have been a design professional for 22 years in the
advertising/design industry. I’ve always dreamed of making my
jewelry design ideas come to life and even have a patent on a
particularly unique idea. The advertising business has been changing
at an alarming rate of speed for several years and senior/highly
experienced people are no longer being sought out by agencies. I am
ready to step away completely and devote myself to jewelry design
and craftsmanship. I want to learn from people who have already made
this commitment. Ideas cannot be taught, but craftsmanship can be. I
hope to learn how to make my ideas real.

Breanna Lee Timmins
Drysdale, Australia

I am a metalsmith from Melbourne Australia. I have two streams of
work: Zalei Minx consists of whimsical, fun pieces generally
inspired by nature. And Breanna Lee Timmins is my more advanced,
technical work, exhibition pieces and works of art. At the moment I
am looking to expand on my knowledge by travelling around the world
to learn more about traditional and contemporary techniques that I
can use in my work and also by completing further studies in gold
and silversmithing in Australia.

Larry Waddy
Universal City, TX. USA

Retired from the U.S. Air Force after 30 years of fun and games.
Self-employed for 20 years as a communication consultant. Now I make
hand-crafted jewelry gifts for grandchildren, children and friends.
After four back surgeries my mobility is limited, but my enthusiasm
is boundless!

Hewan T Zewdi
Seattle, WA. USA

Hello, My name is Hewan Zewdi. Jewelry art is my passion, currently i
am studing jewelry design and soon to be a gemologist from GIA
distance education, this was one of the education i enjoyed and had
the best experiance in a gem world on hand lab class. I have a big
dream to achive in a jewelry industry, i am still working on it,
isn’t any eassy without and sharing it with the people
who has the same passion.