[Welcome] New Members for November 13, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Verlynda Teague
The Beaded Chain
Charlotte, NC. USA

I make beaded jewelry and just started my own small business. I’m
taking my first soldering class in 2 weeks. The soldering class is
working with copper, then I’m taking one for silver. My goal is to
master the art of jewelry making with silver/copper/brass soldering.
I’m anxious to set up my jewelry shop as well :slight_smile: I’m very new and
can use all the I can get. Nice to meet everyone!

Jan Harris
Wichita Falls, USA

In the distant past I soldered and created jewelrly and am looking
to return to this. Lately, I’ve been beading and using others’
pendants to creat my necklaces. Thanks!

Pauline Ross
Tryon, NC. USA

I am learning enameling on copper and pure silver clay and copper
clay. Any info on the subject would be of interest. I also am
hunting for a small used kiln. I am a painter otherwise on canvas
and glass.