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[Welcome] New Members for November 12, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

David Webb
Milton Keynes, UK

I am 69 years of age and I retired from full time work 1 year ago. I
was a mechanical design draftsman. For many years off and on I worked
at Kodak ltd in Harrow the site where photographic film and paper was
made. While working away from home in 1981 I did a 3 term course in
jewellery and silversmithing to help take up my spare time. This then
took a back seat until 2008 when I did another 3 term course. I have
equiped a small shed in my garden and I am making small items of
jewellery, so far only for my immediate family. As I was a student
during the course I was able to register my name at Goldsmiths Hall
in London and have my own makers stamp. When I have made an Item
which I consider good enough, I will try to sell it on Ebay. I was
told of this site by a fellow student on the last course. I hope to
gain from the experience of others and I am striving to improve the
quality of my work. I look forward to sharing any which I
consider will benefit other silversmiths. I find the cost of good
tools such as stakes, hammers etc will hold me back to a certain
extent but but 50 years in the engineering industry has helped in a
small part as I have kept any tools that I equired during my career.

Davyne Dial
Asheville, NC. USA


Mark J DeMent
DeMent Studios
Zanesville, Ohio. USA

Self employed Silver/Goldsmith, Jewelry designs,repair,
restorations. No job too incredible, no situation too bizarre. Will
attempt most anything.

Linwood Galeucia
Bedford, New Hampshire. USA

Former jewler

Recently retired from higher education with a renewed interest in
jewelry repair