[Welcome] New Members for November 11, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Carol Huntington
Tucson, AZ. USA

I took classes in silversmithing years ago, and came back to it just
last June. Being a glass bead maker, I wanted to be able to set my
beads… at least that is what I told myself. Anyway… I signed up
for classes thru adult ed on Wednesdays and Thursdays… and love it.
Finally at that point of setting up my workbench at home so I can
continue to work on projects throughout the week. Discovered
Ganoksin… and am thrilled to a part of it all!

Doreene R Hyatt
Fort Collins, CO. USA

Just took my first metal working class and think that I might be
addicted. Hopefully this can become a fun hobby (not interested in
trying to make jewelry for a living).

Clair Wolfe
Clair Wolfe Jewellery
Newport, UK


Hi, I am a self taught jewellery maker who has a passion for metal.
Always trying to learn new techniques and improve my skills. Some
day would like to return to college to gain a degree in design.
Happy toi share what I know happy to learn from others, look forward
to chatting with you…x

Cate Gundlah
Breezyhill Artworks
Paramus, NJ. USA

I am a lampworker and also do fusing. I have been making jewelry with
my own beads for about 5 years now. I also am an electrician and own
my own business. Wish I had more time for beads and glass!