[Welcome] New Members for November 10, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Jeri L Hoogendijk
Kalispell, Mt. USA

I’ve been a full service jeweler for 20 years. My specialty is custom
wax carving setting stones. I teach stone setting in our jewelry
department at Flathead Valley College. I also work for independent
jewelers providing wax designs, carving, setting stones and repairing
bad setting. I had a jewelry store in Ketchikan, Ak. I am seeking my
GIA Degree in Colored Stone and Diamonds.

Paul van den Bergen
Glen waverley, vic. Australia

Mineral collector since I was 6. Studied Geology and Materials
Engineering at Uni Working in IT.

Havent been collecting almost a decade. About time I got all the
ideas in my head into the real world