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[Welcome] New Members for May 8, 2013

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Jean-Nicolas Allaire
Sherbrooke, QC. Canada

I am a professional doing precious metals recovery and refining.

Jacques Fabian
Strathalbyn, South Australia

My name is Jacques Fabian and I have been educating people in the
art of Silversmithing and Jewellery making for 36 years and I once
established the largest privately owned teaching facility in

I commenced a four year apprenticeship in 1977 in Jewellery, object
design and manufacture. I travelled the world studying my craft and
making unique one off pieces which are housed in private collections
all over the world. I undertake commissioned projects in all facets
of my work- silver and gol dsmithing, jewellery design, Art and
painting. I am also the senior trade lecturer for jewellery
apprentices in South Australia, Australia.

Cecelia Dee Gettemy
Woodstock, GA. USA

Graduate Gemologist 1995

Avid Cameo, Nephrite jade, bohemian garnet, and unusual garnet
collector. Fossil(pre dinosaur)collector, prefer to collect myself
but will buy Georgia fossils, gold panner (not very good !).

Louise Duhamel
Carlsbad, CA. USA

I have been a jewelry artist and instructor for about 13 years. My
teaching focus has been on metal clay and basic metal smithing
techniques. I’ve been sick the past 3 years (I got pesticide
poisoning,) and have been out of the loop, but am now feeling better
and anxious to get back to the bench.

Alexandre Rosenberg
Letzebuerg, Luxembourg

I am an independent jeweler installed seven years in the capital of
Luxembourg, I create unique upscale jewelry in the country, and I
have just launched my website where you can compose your own

Audra Ann Baade
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. USA

I am a self-taught designer who has just begun selling my pieces
online and at art shows. Everything is rather new to me and I look
forward to gaining insights from those more experienced and wiser
than me.

Monica F Yichoy
Fairfax, VA. USA,

I make silver filigreee. Jewelry became a passion that I didn’t know
about. What started as a hobby expanded very quickly. Before I knew
it, I was ready to start my own business and started selling at arts
festivals. While I work at my day job, I daydream of being in my

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