[Welcome] New Members for May 7, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Robert Mark Wilson
East Devonport, Tasmania. Australia

I am a second yr jewellery an looking to specialise in Enamaling

Neal Hazen
That Place
Eight Mile, Alabama. USA

I have been creating gem cabochons for 4 years, now. This includes
custom and “designer” cuts. I am beginning the studies of faceting
(I’ve cut two stones, so far) and silversmithing. I also have been
making scrollsawn wooden jewelry for several years. All this has
been a hobby, and still is. However, once I have gained competence
in both faceting and silversmithing I intend opening a small studio.

Jacki Cat
Mesquite, TX. USA

Working on Genie

Hi, I am replacing wheels on Genie and it is has a-lot of vibration.
I have rotated wheels, with no luck. Do the spacers need to be the
same width on both sides of unit? 3 wheels each side, 2 spacers each
side…One is slightly longer and I am wondering if that could
unbalance it? thanks, Jackie

Philippa Gelinas
Calgary, Ab. Canada

I am just starting to play in PMC, which will be a welcome addition
to the chainmaille jewelery that I already make.