[Welcome] New Members for May 6, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Belinda Brockman
Houston, TX. USA

A hobbyest. Have been doing enamel for over a decade now. Love color
and the fact that it is always different.

Jewel J Gemmes
Huntsville, AL. USA

Hi, I’m Jewel. Co-owner with my husband of Genesis Jewelry And
Gemstones (and now Jewel Gemmes Creations, too). I first started in
fashion over 25 years ago and starting making jewelry to match these
fashions about 20 years ago. Though I can and do work with any
material and medium- most of my current creations are made from
recycled materials that we literally transform into beautiful, unique
jew elry that feels good against the skin! Through various
relationships, we can also offer EVERY & ANY KIND OF GEMSTONE,
manufactured jewelry, jewelry from world wide artisan’s, even
designer jewelry, fine diamonds, etc. With our lay-a-way options and
video appointments, we are able to serve EVERY & A NY CLIENT from
every taste, status, class, stature & budget. No order is too big or
too small. We also offer a FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION for EVERY custom
order. Please see samples of my work on my website and/or facebook.
But, remember that it’s just a sampling. Because most of my work is
from custo m orders, I really don’t keep up very well with photos
online. Duplications ARE available for most items, though they will
vary slightly because they are handmade. Enjoy! Hoping to meet many
of you soon! Warm Regards, -Jewel

M. C. Storin
Sanford, FL. USA

Hello! I am a lifelong jewelry & gem lover. My vocation is interior
design. My dream is to live my life creating beautiful things to
enrich the lives of others. In the late 1990’s, I went to a “pendant
making” class with a friend who didn’t want to go alone. It wasn’t
"pendant making" but a netted beading stich class… watch out
world (and kitty cat), I was hooked! I quickly moved from beads to
wire wrapping and semi-precious stones. I’m now headed down the path
of metalsmithing. (What will kitty think of the sawing, hammering
and torches?!?) I am here to learn, connect and gain in sightful tips
from those more experienced than I.

Theresa Erb
Kenmore, WA. USA

I have been making jewelry for about 8 years and for the last year I
have been lampworking. I want to create the most unique jewelry as
possible with as much of my own handmade designs as possible. I am
anxious to see what this site has to offer and share, as well as
make some contributions myself

Paul Sedillo
Houston, TX. USA


I’m very new to the process of making jewelry and looking to learn
more about it.

Cheers, Paul