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[Welcome] New Members for May 6, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Desiree Malan
Earthbutter Studio
Wellington, South Africa

I work with clay and make beads, ceramic jewellery components and
have recently started working with copper and silver. Earthbutter
beads are hand rolled and hand painted making them one-of-a-kind and
no 2 beads look alike. I’m excited about all the possibilities that
exist when combining hand crafted ceramic beads and metal - the sky
is truly the limit! My inspiration comes from my natural surroundings
and every day life in a rural community in South Africa.

Linda N. Pliska
De Pere, WI. USA

I have been working with lapidary and metals for 4 years now, as a
hobbyist. I am enjoying, rockhounding, lapidary, faceting, and
silversmithing, and consider myself very interested, for the first
time in artwork, and am surveying the different areas, seeking what
might be my niche. My husband and I live in Wisconsin, but travel in
a 5th wheel. We are both retired.

I am also interested in finding used equipment.