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[Welcome] New Members for May 4, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Judith Hill
Serengeti Unique Jewelry
Florissant, MO. USA

I began stringing beads about 1990 and sold jewelry at craft shows,
in stores and boutiques. I wanted to do something else with my
skills, so I began by taking a metalsmithing class in Washington
State in 1997. I wanted to take my jewelry making skills to a new
level. I have since completed 4 years of metalsmithing classes and
have a home studio.

Barbara T Crawford
Hollywood, Florida. USA

Hi, my name is Barbara. I studies Metal Smithing at LSU in the
1990’s. I am a Registered Nurse and recently became the recipiant of
a Kidney/Pancreas Transplant allowing me time to re-enter the metal
zone. I was refered here by a member and am looking forward to your

Joseph Patrick Kelly
boru jewelry
Dublin, Ireland

50 Years exp working at bench, have had some success with own
designs, am also engaged in night training at Gov facility

Paul Brent Metcalf
Paul Brent Design
Luzern, Switzerland

I am a Jeweller living in Luzern, Switzerland. I work in all
precious metals, using all precious and semi-precious stones. I make
jewellery to order and also as show pieces for display. I use mainly
traditional techniques in manufacturing pieces, although I will also
take advantage of modern tools and techniques if it is necessary.

I am mainly self-taught, but had been working alongside Chris Powell
(Cambridge, UK) for the last two years before moving to Switzerland.
I have been continually working to create original wearable
jewellery to suit occasions and my clients. I am known for my style
of asymmetric design and organic textures, which have been widely

Jo Tubb
St Austell, Cornwall. UK

HI I’m Jo, a self taught metalsmith who is happiest when I am at my
bench. Where I live greatly inspires my designs ~ the wilds of the
moors and the ocean that surronds this beautiful county!!

Margaret Mae Malm
Leeds, UT. USA

I am a former Orchid forum subscriber who dropped out for a few
years. I do jewelry-making, but am not a professional. I am a member
of a group who meets and works together, learning from each other.
Most of us are interested in learning techniques for brass, copper,
and other less expensive metals, since silver has become so
expensive (and gold totally out of sight.) Margaret