[Welcome] New Members for May 30, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Joan Wack
Scottsdale, Arizona. USA

Full time artist, art teacher & art therapist.Currently working in
metal. Extensive fiber background ---- galleries, shows, etc. Resident
of Chicago area (Winnetka) until recently.

Tina Ashmore
Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Hello again! Its been a while, I used to be an avid Orchid fan. It’s
good to be back. My name is Tina,I am a jeweller based in Dublin
Ireland. I have made intricate beaded jewellery for many, many
years.I really enjoyed it but wanted to learn more. I completed an
intensive jewellery course in the past year and hurray hurrray! I am
please to say that I can now work with silver and gold metals with
some confidence and I also have a basic kn owledge of stone setting.
With some practice that will improve. I trained with a wonderfully
talented jeweller and fine engraver called Tony Lee. This man has
the patience of a saint. When I finished my basic training with Tony
i went on to work with another Jeweller and I continue to work with
him in the area of jewellery repair and restoration.We work really
well together and have a lot of fun. Being involved with ganoskin
will be a wonderful resource of and guidence. I am
looking very much forwards to comunicating with the vast talent of
of jewellers around the world.

Greetings to all Tina

John Paul
John Paul Designs
Bend, Oregon. USA

John Paul is a custom jewelry designer in Bend, Oregon. He
specializes in one of a kind wedding and engagement rings in a
variety of metals. His signature work is old, weathered, edgy and