[Welcome] New Members for May 3, 2013

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Please welcome our newest members…

Andi Alameda
Los Angeles, CA. USA

Passion for working with my hands, sculptor turned metalsmith.

Renee Newman
Alhambra, CA. USA

Iem a GIA graduate gemologist, who worked at a wholesale firm in
downtown Los Angeles, where I was placed in charge of diamond
grading and jewelry quality control, but I am now a full-time author
of gem & jewelry books. My first book, the Diamond Ring Buying
Guide, was published in 1989. Since then, I have written eleven
additional books on jewelry, diamonds, colored gems and pearls; see

My newest book, which just came out in February is “Gold, Platinum,
Palladium, Silver & Other Jewelry Metals: How to Test, Select & Care
for Them.” I keep my books updated through new editions because they
are used worldwide as textbooks for colleges, training tools for
jewelers and consumer guides and references for appraisers.

Eric Marvets
Columbus, Georgia. USA

Rhino CAD Designer
Columbus, GA

Shelley Roberts
Bozeman, MT. USA

self-taught jeweler trying to find more online metalsmithing tips

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