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[Welcome] New Members for May 3, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Michael D DeBurgh
MD Designs
Henderson, NV. USA

I am a retired Marine who retired from service in July 1999. I
attended GIA at the Carlsbad campus from Sep 1999 to Jun 2000 and am
now a GJG with wax and design skills. After graduation I worked for
Tiffany’s in Seattle for a few months. I left when the needs of
caring for my mother took preced ence over work. A while later I
worked as an inspector for Costco. I left to work outside the
jewelry trade for a while and moved to Korea. I returned to the US
in Mar 2008 and am now living in the Las Vegas area. Currently I am
doing jewelry work at home. To bring some polish back to my skill s I
am working on making a portfolio of chains. What the future will
bring… waiting for that is the adventure isn’t it?

Ramona Fefie
Torrance, CA. USA

I enjoy all art forms, in particular, jewelry making at the moment.
I hope to learn a lot here, so that I can improve in many aspects.

Cynthia Hollins
Prescott, AZ. USA

I make jewelry as a hobby and love using different media. I am
certified in PMC and Art Clay. Currently I taking an introductory
jewelry class at the local community college and am exploring