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[Welcome] New Members for May 28, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Karen A Bush
Aviron Jewelry
Mentor, OH. USA

Owner…designer at Aviron Jewelry

Martin Hinchliffe
Eastbourne, East Sussex. UK

learning coin cutting to make pendants and heavy guage wire jewelry
for men

Jill Mullan
Oh Wow
Petaluma, CA. USA

At an early age I learned to fabricate and solder precious metals.
Then in high school I was introduced to lost wax jewelry technique.
I found unlimited potential with wax. You can make vitually anything
with great detail or keep it simple and clean.

Over the years I’ve continued with lost wax and expanded into
carving amber, jet, coral and anything else that looks
like something you could wear.

Combining multi medias into high fashion clothing, headdresses,
belts and jewelry. It is all an adornment thing, but I always go back
to wax. When I taught class my joy was watchi

Robert J Warren
Encinitas, California. USA

rank beginner in mens jewelry design

Larry E Schweller
Beavercreek, Ohio. USA

Intoduced to lapidary when I was 9. Bought my own lapidary equipment
before I was 11. Took various art classes including jewelry in
junior high as well as high school.Worked for parents friend’s
jewelry store in high school. After graduating high school attended
Bowman technical school for 3 Years receiving diplomas for
watchmaking and jewelry manufacturing,repair and stone setting,
After graduating worked as watchmaker for Stoll and Co. for 3 years
while doing jewelry trade work for jewelry stores on the side.
Opened a retail jewelry store in 1984 and closed it in 2007. The
last 5 years I have been doing jewelry retail and jewelry/watch
tradework out of my home.I have over those 5 years have taken
several courses to sharpen my skills and added alot of new equipment
including a laser and gravermach AT. Future plans include
cad/cam,new casting equipment and taking various hand engravinjg
courses so that I can do what I always wanted to do which is
designing and manufacturing jewelry. Hobbies include wood working
and gardening.

Jennifer Dressler
Kingston, PA. USA

I am a novice jewelry maker, trying to learn as much as I can. There
aren’t many classes offered near me, so I’m hoping to learn a lot