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[Welcome] New Members for May 26, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Josephine Buso
Tempe, AZ. USA

I am a student and was taking classes with the City of Tempe (AZ). I
love silversmithing and metalsmithing. I am a very slow learner due
to having a learning disability, a mild form of asperger’s spectrum
(autism), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and a head injury
in 2003. I percieve things literally and my reactions and statements
are such, literal. I feel fulfilled when I see that I have finished a
piece and understand the process to achieve it. I focus on learning a
metalsmithing skill and don’t mind that the other students are way
ahead of me on specific projects. I like to work on several projects
at once. I am Puerto Rican, born and raised in New York City, but now
live in Phoenix, Arizona. I hope to take more classes, perhaps in a
more formal setting. I do not know anyone who I can share my ideas,
finished pieces, aspirations, or questions. I am looking forward to
participating with the members of Ganoksin. Oddly enough, I
considered making my logo a Puerto Rican Flag with an orchid where
the one star would be (w/ 5 red stripes and 2 white stripes). I got
the idea years ago when I took a weaving class at Arizona State
University and I wove a Puerto Rican flag w ith an orchid where the
star would have been. My Mom had a house in P.R. completely
surrounded with orchids and orchids are abundant on the island, such
as wildflowers here in AZ. Con mucho gusto, Josie.

Dmitry Kosoplechev
Moscow, Russian Federation

The last 20 years in the jewelry business as a free hudozhnik.
Vmeste with me are a bit like a small press chelovek. Zanimaemsya
ornaments on our developments and exclusive izdeliyami. Mnogo models
(over 200) made for the production masterskih. Seychas focused on
the author’s individual products and the development own collections
to audiences.

Margaret Anne Schmidt
Chicago, IL. USA

Jewelry-making student.

Marie Layne Ash
Lapidary Layne
Athens, GA. USA

I am a lapidarian currently living in Athens, Georgia.I have been
collecting minerals and rocks since childhood. Within the last 10
years I have traveled across the U.S several times to dig and
collect at numerous mines. Eventually, I learned to cut my own
stones, and began making jewelry. I have a studio in my house where I
work part time doing mostly custom orders. I am grateful and
thankful to be doing what I love for a living!

Sunny Strapp
Vitralls Sunny CB
Sant Joan Mallorca, Spain

A glass artist, doing all types of glass work with the exception of
glass blowing. Produce jewelry using torch worked glass and silver.
My wife is also involved in the same line of work. Producing since

Gholam Reza Kamali
Zarrin naghsh
Dolat abad, Isfahan, Iran

I am metallurgical engineer. I have a small worshop with an induction
furnace and I am trying to make 18k gold alloys. i am interested
with learning about gold alloys with diffrent color and how to make
them. at know would you help me to make 18k gold alloy with bright,
rich and metallic yellow same as exactly pure gold color and what
are the additional elements and their percentages?

John Craver
North Vancouver, Canada

I work at a jeweller’s supply store in Vancouver, Canada and have
started manufacturing jewellery tools on the side.

Todd R Hawkinson
Southeast Technical College
St. Paul, Minnesota. USA

I find great satisfaction in the history of turn of the century
jewelry design. Many craftsmen at this time were inspired to created
jewelry of enduring beauty. Making jewelry from this period is my
passion. Continuing the tradition of handmade quality work is my
goal. From 1830 to 1920 Victorian, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts and
Edwardian styles were the vogue in the jewelry world. Utilizing
original designs, collecting antique jewelry dies and introducing my
interpretation of classic jewelry designs is my specialty.