[Welcome] New Members for May 25, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Victoria DeLynn Gillman
Grove City, OH. USA

I am a self taught jewelry designer. I have been designing and
making jewelry for approximately 8 years now. I do sell my pieces at
art shows, bazaars, in home parties, etc. I love making jewelry and
I make all different one of a kind pieces. I am currently enrolled
in the NYSAD (New York School of Art and Design) which is a three
year school that I will have finished in one after I submit my final
lesson. That is how hungry I am to learn and make and sell jewelry.
I find making jewelry soothing, and relaxing. My husband feels it is
all frivolous now and I am wasting my time, but I told hi m every
artist starts somewhere!

Debbie Engle
Valinda, USA