[Welcome] New Members for May 25, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Ajay Kumar Ojha
Tulsi Arts
Gorxheimertal, Hessen. Germany


OUTER BEAUTY OF THE UNIVERSE. From the age of 14,I started working
into the feild of Gem Stones along with my school…cutting gem
stones in the summers times…and working into big showrooms to sell
the different art objects plus gem stones into winters. In the
bigning of 1990 started a gem stone cutting factory with 35 workers,
started cutting gem stones for export houses… Simultaniously
devloped the interest into making jewelary… Started making Ebony
master peices for sand casting… started making unique gem stones /
singel peices of jewelary… Started working in Japan market… In
2004 came to Germany stated working with precious hard wood… Now
Iam running one business of whole sale of Gem stones / Gem stones
chains / gold and silver beeds. Making singel peices of jewelary into
precious hard wood combined with gold or silver or stones or
leather…spratly or combined meterials. Making specific peices for
different jewelary designers in Germany.

Ellen Kraftsow
Haiku, Hawaii. USA

Still learning and hoping to sell enough to support my metal habit
:slight_smile: enjoying all of it!

Ilana Levine
London, UK

My name is Ilana Levine and I am an artist/designer and the creator
of ilanaDesign. I was born in Montreal, Canada where I studied fine
arts and graphic design. My love for sculpture then led me to
learning jewellery-making in my current home of London, England
where Ive been living for the past 12 years. My intention is that
all disciplines will intertwine, influence, shape and inspire one