[Welcome] New Members for May 21, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Yovonne Autrey
Ocean Shores, Washington. USA

Novice hobbyist, still experimenting with wire wrapping, getting
into torch enameling, etc. I use jewelry making as a form of pain
management for chronic pain (the focus required keeps my mind off of
my pain) as well as a hobby that sometimes pays for itself. I live
on the Pacific coast of Washington state (as opposed to the other
bodies of water, like Puget Sound) and enjoy using local materials
like beach jasper, agate and such when it suits the piece with which
I’m tinkering.

Edward Notovich
Bravo jewellers
Carlsbad, Ca. USA

Hello my name is Edward owner of bravo Jewellers

Marcia Lynn Jannenga
Sarayu designs
Des moines, Iowa. USA

I am a metalsmith in training and I am thrilled to discover this
forum. I hope to learn a lot here.

Laurie Morris
Alpharetta, GA. USA

I have taken various classes and workshops in jewelry making. Still
consider myself a beginner.