[Welcome] New Members for May 20, 2012

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Randal Edward Kay
Randal Kay
Thorsby, Alberta. Canada

45 year history of bench repairs and makeup, hand forging, lost wax
casting (centrifugal, and vacuum, commissioned 1978 for a
presentation piece to Queen Elizabeth II, General interests tend
toward design concept, textured surface, and alternate manufacturing
methods. I also embrace artistically affected mass production (mass
production with individual variations)as I find I get bored and lose
focus more easily these days.

I assist small gatherings of artistically inclined people to achieve
results in jewellery based projects.

I have a keen interest in jewellery arc/laser welding systems and
would appreciate any and all instruction possible, before I lay out
any money for the equipment.

Likewise with cad/cam design systems.

I’m currently working with a polymer plastic (stamp system), for the
development of 2D logos with corporate or entertainment industry