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[Welcome] New Members for May 2, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Carolyn Easley
Gypsy Button Studio
Position: Owner/Designer
Charleston, South Carolina. USA

I am a self representing artist currently designing and crafting
Studio Art Buttons for collectors. I work with anything that is not
breathing and love to recycle once loved used pieces of the past. My
buttons are a mixture of polymer clay, glass, colorful textured
fiber, antique and vintage findings and any type of beads. From as
small as 1/2" to 3" I tell a story with my buttons that other artist
and collector’s seem to understand and have followed my for over 8
years. I am always looking for different ways,bits and pieces to
create a new button. They are my never ending story.

Chingling Tien
Fremont, USA

aau student. i love jewelry design.

Yvonne Elliott
Sweet smiling home

Actually, I have signed onto this website a few times, but seem to
be rather ignorant as to how to use it–receive answers to
questions, etc. In the end I opt out. I’ll have to give it another
go. I guess I really need advice as to how to receive advise. But if
I don’t know… whew!!

Hank Knickmeyer
Cedar hill, MO. USA

sculptor, blacksmith, knifemaker, metalsmith, college professor