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[Welcome] New Members for May 17, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Justine Donato
North Brunswick, NJ. USA

I am about to begin courses in jewelry design, and I look forward to
learning about the field and the creative process.

Carmit Levin
Silver spring, USA

Born in Israel, Raised outside of Washington, DC,and after doing a
stint in San Francisco, am now finishing 4 years of jewelry making
courses in Florence Italy. I am getting ready be move back to
California to join all you amazing metalsmiths in making really cool

Alexandra Speer
Charlotte, North Carolina. USA

The seeds for Alexandra Speer’s affinity for design, love of art and
prolific imagination were planted long ago in the fields of a
plantation located in the deep south just outside the historic town
of Abbeville, South Carolina. Steeped in old world tradition ripe
with stories of forgotten soldiers and fair ladies, this plantation
served as the backdrop for several generations of Speer artists,
artisans and designers to hone their craft and perfect their eye for
great design. Alexandra’s uncle is best known for his hand-made
miniature toy soldiers and maharajas. Alexandra’s grandfather was a
renowned architect and prolific landscape photographer. His
architectural drawings taught Alexandra the importance of line and
space in design. Her grandfather’s photographs inspired Alexandra to
travel the world in order to see the places that her grandfather had
so magically captured with his camera long ago.

Alexandra studied art at the South Carolina Governor School for the
Art & Humanities in Greenville, South Carolina. During the course of
her studies, she discovered a passion for manipulating metal.
Alexandra went on to study jewelry design and metalsmithing at Rhode
Island School of Design. After graduation, Alexandra moved to
Charlotte, North Carolina in order to launch her jewelry line.

“Alexandra Speer” exudes tough femininity by combining strong lines
and folded shapes to create sharp, sleek and stunning pieces that
can be worn day or night. It is apparent from the dynamism of
"Alexandra Speer" that Alexandra possesses raw artistic talent
likely inherited from her ancestors, an obsessive attention to
detail cultivated during her rigorous education and training in the
arts and a discerning eye for beauty and design resulting from
Alexandra’s exposure to some of the world’s most magnificent artists
and architects during her travels through Argentina, Austria, South
Korea, a nd Italy.

Alexandra’s pieces are handcrafted in her studio in Charlotte, N.C.

Scott Shankster
Sanibel, Florida. USA

I am a craftsman looking to start making things I can get excited
about & perhaps further my career as a jeweler.